Filling coefficient: Sound impact on the belt and other components of the conveyor!

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Everyone wants clean, economical, efficient and robust conveyors with a very high level of safety. The rate of the filling factor of the belt largely participates in achieving this ideal. So why so many conveyors operate with a load factor close to 50%, see less? Would you accept that your trucks run at half load? … Certainly not !

Part 2 : Mastery of trajectory of belts and mastery of hazards

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2nd part : Components setting

Adjustment procedures and tolerances.

This article is valid only if the operators have strictly applied the prerequisites developed in our article / 1st part, under the title “Control of the belt trajectory of conveyor and control of the vagaries – The prerequisites“.

This second part contains adjustment procedures and adjustment tolerances to “warranty” the correct geometrical position of the conveyor components that influence the path of the belt.

Because the safety of the operators is the 1st commandment of the companies, the procedures of adjustment, described in this article, answer them with the highest safety, for an unparalleled speed, efficiency and durability.

Part 1 : Mastery of trajectory of belts and mastery of hazards

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First part : The prerequisites

to ensure that the settings will be final in time.

The conveyor belt conveyor is a “complicated” machine, whose “equation” must be “simplified” and “neutralized” the remaining parameters by controlling the adjustment uncertainties. Our article appeared under the title “Design, New Approach”, focuses on simplifying the design of conveyors. It is essential to the understanding of these articles parts 1 & 2.

On the other hand, the best setting, with the tightest fit tolerances, will not work if the influential components are not compliant. These are the prerequisites!

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