C3 Expert offers a wide range of services.

Conveyor Safety Expert

On claim

C3 Expert intervenes, in the context of work-related accidents, in support of one of the parties or as a consultant to the legal expert.

In prevention

Preparation of the preliminary project up to the industrial acceptance of the equipment.

This includes:

  • Drawing up the specifications, assistance in understanding and applying the safety rules, analysis of the documents and preparation of the CE certification.
  • The study of the "safety" upgrade of existing conveyors, taking into account the rules of the art (technical, physical and mechanical standards) and the possibilities of implementation.

Technical Expert

C3 Expert intervenes in disputes, in a context of amicable or judicial resolution.

C3 Expert intervenes in order to resolve problems or improve the performance of equipment.

In cases where there is no search for liability, we speak more of an audit.


Dispute Resolution


The arbitration is carried out through an arbitrator, who makes decisions that are binding on the parties once they have been accepted.

Arbitration makes it possible to settle a dispute without going to court.

It is therefore a method of settling disputes out of court which is binding on the parties.

The arbitrator must master the technology of the field and have knowledge of business law. C3 Expert has both these skills.



The mediation works with the intervention of a third party "mediator" to facilitate the flow of information, clarify points of a dispute or re-establish relations, and lead the parties to reach an agreement on their own. Unlike arbitration, mediation does not impose a solution; this remains the responsibility of the parties.


Because, from our expert point of view, the handling field has a significant margin for progress, provided that we are aware of it, C3 Expert offers conferences and calculation workshops to show these avenues for progress. The calculation workshops help to demonstrate the relevance of the conference themes.

Our trainings cover

  • Technical training ;
  • Practical training in conveyor adjustment,
    • with the machine at a safe standstill;
  • An introduction to conveyor auditing;
  • Training in high safety design;
  • Training in conveyor design.

Conference & calculation workshop

Let your teams benefit from nearly 30 years of expertise in solving our customers' problems, with the major advantage of proven and rational solutions that are within everyone's reach.

Examples of themes

  •  Technical rationality on performance, reliability, savings;
  • Technical and safety design optimisation;
  • Legislation, regulations and standards;
  • Hierarchy, understanding, applications;
  • CE certification.

Assistance to the project owner

C3 Expert supports you in all the key stages of your projects, from the preparation of the preliminary project to the industrial acceptance of the equipment, both for new construction and rehabilitation projects.

In this type of mission, C3 Expert participates in the elaboration of the specifications, the technical specifications, the calculation of the conveyors, including a "component standardization" orientation with a very high level of safety at the best cost.

C3 Expert receives the bidders with its client and leads the discussions to finally make its recommendations.

C3 Expert follows the project from start to finish, in particular by approving the plans, after remarks and reasoned indications, analyses the documents handed in on completion of the project and gives its remarks, then validates the amended and compliant versions.

In the manufacturing workshop as required and on site during construction, C3 Expert monitors the site and validates its progress at each planned stop point, with particular attention to adjustments of components and safety rules and devices compliance.

C3 Expert co-signs the pre-industrial and industrial acceptance, as long as the reservations are lifted.

Assistance to the project supervisor

C3 Expert offers engineers, builders and manufacturers a "Knowledge and Know-how Licence" which provides comprehensive support to achieve very high technical and safety performance at the best possible cost. This support is a definite competitive advantage.

Softwares & Calculation services

C3 Expert markets its C3 and Traject software, which can be installed on a PC or accessed via the Intranet, as well as specific calculation modules. The C3 software is easy to use; it is equipped with functions that facilitate the optimisation of the initial design of the conveyor (downward audit, upward audit, graph editor). Our software algorithms are based on the technical and mechanical standards.

C3 Expert performs calculations of your conveyors and belts, according to their original design and several levels of optimisation. The notes are accompanied by comments and advice.

The cost of acquiring software or our calculation services has the advantage of a very rapid return on investment, even from the calculation of the 1st conveyor.

C3 Expert recently calculated a large downhill conveyor of 11 km, -524 m in height difference, with 4 bends. Our calculations revealed the many flaws in the original design and allowed us to propose rational solutions to achieve the objectives of the specifications, with significant operating savings.

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