The good conveyor is the one you forget. It's the one that costs you the least, that doesn't break down, that doesn't have any human or material accidents.


Our mission is to access to with simpler, less expensive conveyors with a high level of performance and safety.
These are the objectives that should guide any conveyor new design and rehabilitation.
After more than 30 years working on conveyors for expert appraisals, breakdowns and incidents of all kinds, anywhere in the world,
our ambition is to pass on to you our technologies to guarantee you this very high level of performance and safety.


Conveyors, like any production machine, must perform their task flawlessly, at the best cost.
These objectives require a well understood application of the laws of physics, mechanics and standards.


Calculation is the basis for optimised designs.
Without calculation, there is no CE certification.


The first principle of a good machine design is to "simplify" it!
Any profile (convex or concave curve), any component without justification, at least by calculation, must disappear from the design or be removed from the existing conveyors.
Simplification is the first guarantee of performance, reliability, safety... and CE compliance and safety standards (e.g.: EN 620).


Defining the project well means agreeing on the needs and constraints with discussed solutions.
Working on these convergences, with an enlightened approach, is a guarantee of success.


Analyse the small and large disorders that have affected your conveyors in the past.
With the help of C3 Expert, write down the right rules in your specifications for projects of new workand the rehabilitation of existing conveyors.


The best design on drawing will be ineffective without careful and precise on-site adjustment of all conveyor components. C3 Expert has developed specific "ves of metrology" and a universal method for the adjustment of the various conveyor components, for a guaranteed result and without the need for any self-centring belt device.



Find here the tried and tested approaches and methods that make up the state of the art conveyors.


This space is designed to give you tips and techniques essential to the proper operation of your conveyors.


Good tools make good professionals. Find here those who made our success. And market solutions to simplify your task.


Desiring to transmit years of knowledge and know-how, C3Expert can train your teams with a tailor-made program.


Your questions, comments and needs matter to me greatly. Do not hesitate to contact me by any means and, together, let us evolve the conveyor belt sector.


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26000 Valence - France

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