Technical study and calculation of a conveyor for CE certification

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For relevant calculations, calculating conveyors requires a large amount of data. However, this requires a thorough knowledge of the domain and a lot of time, as well as the exploitation of the data and the execution of the calculations, with the optimizations, the iterations.

Without relevant calculation no CE certification, no mechanical results guaranteed!

The principles of the “new approach” Or how best to apply safety standards

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Like many inventions, the conveyor belt has evolved according to the events that have raised questions with the users and the builders. Since 1989, European States have been concerned about the safety of machines, through the Machinery Directives (current version: 2006/42/CE).

Today, the big question is to understand why, despite all the efforts in terms of safety, there are still too many accidents on the conveyors with, especially, causes similar to those of the old times. To answer the question, this article focuses on ”understanding standards, proposing solutions and show the added benefits” by means of examples.

CE certification : or the risk of “unsafe” certifications for category C standard equipment.

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The complexity of regulations, the strength of habits, the cost of technical and security standards, both in the acquisition of documents, their reading and understanding, their business transposition, expose to a major risk of CE certification “insincere”, in particular in the case of machinery falling within category C standards (a standard dealing with detailed safety requirements for a particular machine or group of machines)

In certain trades, such as continuous conveyor belt bulk handling, which falls under EN 620 (category C), I have observed that a very large number of conveyors, bearing the CE mark, do not respond strictly to the safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and repeated by the category A standard, reference EN ISO 12100v2010.

Optimized conveyors : Safe and efficient machines. Remarkable achievements, signed « C3 Expert »

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Can there be innovation in the design of banal machines, such as conveyors?

Can we improve the technical, economic and safety performances, for a high level of reliability and robustness, machines we know everything about? … and respecting the state-of-the-art!

You are an engineering firm, builder, manufacturer of components for conveyor, belt manufacturer, you are operator, then the examples below will challenge you and open perspectives for your projects in new works and rehabilitation.

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